Committed Athletic Family

Committed is a Buffalo-area athletic family. The club's goal: to encourage friends and family to get off the couch, run, walk or hang out at Buffalo-area races, knowing that no matter how far you plan to travel to reach a western New York race, club members will be there to commute, race, compete, or just socialize with you.

Committed was born out of the "Most Active" list on At first, runners find their own name appears after reaching their fifth local race. Later, some push their limits to reach for one hundred or more local area races, after which said runners were awarded a prize of some sort from Buffalo It was that drive to run more races that snowballed us into the club you see today.

One hundred races, twenty-five races, or even five races can seem a daunting goal, especially at first. Most members set an attainable goal their first year, becoming familiar with the Buffalo running scene, orbiting our blue straightjacket-emblazoned gear, and learning people's names. The "Most Active" list contains a multitude of club members.

Why do we run? The reasons are as numerous as our members: better health, a break from stress, growing ever faster, or training for a key race. Most come to enjoy the comraderie, the health benefits, or even the "runner's high" itself. Jump in! Pick a local 5K race (3.1 miles). Bring some friends. Pick another race. At your own pace, walk or run your way to becoming more active.

For those who plan ahead, Buffalo Runners does not list all of the current year's potential races immediately. You will need to review prior years' results to get a true idea about events more than a month or two in advance, save perhaps for large races. There are other running sites, too. Score This!, Its Your Race, Eclipse Multisport, Yellow Jacket and many more.

As an active runners' club, we encourage the primary Committed member to try reaching twenty-five races in a year (one race every other weekend), and other family members can ride on their coat-tails to try reaching five races - enough to show on BuffaloRunners' Most Active list.

Runners and run/walkers of all paces and abilities have completed the goal of one hundred races. You can, too! All you need is a budget and a little stubbornness. Once you've joined our crazy family, you're in for life. You can commemorated the moment by ordering your nickname of choice on a running tank top, tee shirt, jacket or long-sleeve.

Learn more about how you can earn patches and awards.

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