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Winter Mileage Challenge

The winter mileage challenge is a perennial favorite, meant to keep folks active during those difficult winter months. Starting December 1st, January 1st and February 1st, there are three mileage challenges. You set a mileage goal for a given month. You try to meet or exceed that goal. Each month is a separate challenge, with a participation award for reaching or exceeding your goal mileage, and an award for the overall mileage winner for each month. If you're not sure you can handle a specific mileage for whatever reason, target a lower mileage to start, or talk to us if your realistic (or physical-therapist-mandated) target isn't one of our pre-set categories.

1.) Kids will be tracked in a separate Google spreadsheet, with the default goal being the child's age. Email us to register child(ren). (If they have their own email address, they can use the main committed page.)

2.) Adults must be registered on the Committed website using any email address. The email is your login ID and the location forgotten passwords are sent to. Register!

3.) For registered members, 2015-2017 challenge results are available to review and help you set the bar this year. View the challenge

4.) YES, walking is allowed, if you're doing it as part of your aerobic workout. So are cross-country skiing, skating, swimming, biking, showshoeing, elliptical. If it's fitness to you, and you're racking up mileage, track it and enjoy. This challenge is meant to keep you moving. To keep things fair, four bike miles count as one run mile. One swim mile counts as five run miles. One snowshoe mile counts as three run miles. One elliptical mile counts as one run mile.

5.) All mileage is based on the honor system. You have a 14 day rolling window to enter your miles, after which entry closes. To be fair to all members, and to help us when preparing awards each month, we encourage you to update your mileage at least weekly. Bookmark this link for easy access: Submit mileage

6.) The challenge starts Dec 1st. Enjoy!

The standard categories are:
Age in miles (Younger kids, new runners, injured runners, those in PT)
Twenty-five miles (Older youth, new runners, injured runners, those in PT)
Increments of twenty-five miles from fifty miles onward


If at any time you become injured, contact us if you need reduce your mileage to something safer, or remove yourself from the challenge. Your health is important to us.

Submit mileage or View the challenge.

Email or message us on Facebook if you're having trouble with the website or have other questions.