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Mr. Eds Super Bowl Warmup - Road - 5 km [ Find another review ] [ Home ]

2.6 starsPre-race
Ease for day-of registration1 of 1 : Pre-registration may be necessary - day-of registration may be dicey
Registration lines1 of 1 : Average organization, short-ish lines, day-of registration on separate tables, at least one line for pre-reg, one for day-of
Packet pickup organization1 of 1 : Some swag/packet assembly required, but multiple informed volunteers working together
Parking1 of 1 : Parking limited. Those arriving late may have a long walk.
Deferral policy1 of 1 : Not applicable
2.8 starsRace Appeal
Race-packet swag1 of 1 : Pretty average swag - cotton tee, plain design
Get what you pay for1 of 1 : Got less than I expected (eg: race ran out of water, didn't have my pre-reg'd shirt size)
Distance varieties1 of 1 : One distance choice
Scenery1 of 1 : Some nice variety
Distance accuracy1 of 1 : Close enough to the proper distance
2.8 starsDifficulty / Technicality
Starting line/crowd size1 of 1 : Average race - average runner can start three to seven rows back
Hills1 of 1 : A mix of small to moderate hills and flats
Technical1 of 1 : Tricky footing sections, single-track areas, maybe a water crossing. Keep your eyes open.
New-runner friendly1 of 1 : Pretty standard race, no more confusing than most others
Difficulty following course1 of 1 : Some weaving, but volunteers direct the way
3.2 starsPost Race
Post-race party1 of 1 : Good food, above average party, people like to stick around
Timing promptness1 of 1 : Chip times available after only a short delay(periodic printouts)
Awards promptness1 of 1 : Awards take awhile
Awards quality1 of 1 : Average awards quality, 5-year age groups
Other post-race events1 of 1 : Basic: music/band