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Race nameRace typeDistancePre-raceRace appealCourse easePost-race
8 In The RoughTrail8.7 mi3.8 stars3.6 stars2.0 stars3.6 stars
Allegany Adventure RunsTrail22 km3.0 stars4.2 stars3.4 stars3.2 stars
Allegany Adventure RunsTrail6 km3.8 stars4.2 stars3.4 stars3.8 stars
BPAC 6-Hour Distance ClassicUltra6 hr3.8 stars3.7 stars4.7 stars3.8 stars
Beer & Bacon 5000Road5 km3.0 stars2.4 stars3.7 stars3.3 stars
Bunny HopRoad5 km3.5 stars3.6 stars3.6 stars3.7 stars
Engineering Society Of Buffalo(ESB) Scholarship RunRoad5 km4.2 stars3.8 stars4.4 stars3.4 stars
Feel The SpiritRoad5 km3.2 stars2.5 stars3.5 stars2.7 stars
GrinderRoad3.5 mi3.6 stars4.2 stars3.6 stars4.0 stars
Ice ManRoad2 mi4.2 stars3.2 stars5.0 stars4.0 stars
Mathletes Cindy Frank MemorialRoad5 km2.8 stars3.8 stars4.0 stars3.2 stars
Mr. Eds Super Bowl WarmupRoad5 km2.6 stars2.8 stars2.8 stars3.2 stars
Mustache MarchRoad5 km3.4 stars2.8 stars4.2 stars3.2 stars
Philadelphia MarathonRoadHalf Marathon3.0 stars3.8 stars3.2 stars3.0 stars
Putting Hunger On The RunRoad5 km3.4 stars2.8 stars4.4 stars3.4 stars
Run Jimmy Run CharityRoad5 km4.2 stars4.2 stars4.0 stars4.5 stars
Shoes For The ShelterRoad5 km3.8 stars3.4 stars3.6 stars3.2 stars
Strider Glider Quarter MarathonRoadQuarter Marathon4.5 stars4.2 stars4.0 stars4.6 stars
Trooper BrinkerhoffRoad10 km3.2 stars3.8 stars3.4 stars3.2 stars
YMCA Polar Bear Series OleanRoad5 km4.0 stars2.6 stars4.6 stars2.2 stars