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Ryan Boggs's Statistics 2013..2023

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YearPR Race namePR DistancePR TimePace per mile
2017Dash 'N Splash2.50:21:250:08:34
2017Moonlight Run3.10:26:250:08:31
2017A Light In The Darkness40:33:580:08:29
2017Bob Ivory Run50:43:300:08:42

2 mi section (1.1 .. 3.09 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
7/29/20172.5Dash 'N Splash0:21:250:08:34697

5 km section (3.1 .. 3.99 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
5/27/20173.1John Beishline Memorial 5K0:29:010:09:2021713
6/10/20173.1WNY Susan G Komen Race For The Cure0:28:120:09:0512310
6/24/20173.1Buffalo Bills 50 Yard Finish 5K0:27:590:09:0028216
7/1/20173.1Tommy's Run0:27:050:08:43821
8/12/20173.1Erie County Fair 5K0:26:550:08:401778
8/16/20173.1Moonlight Run0:26:250:08:3027013
8/26/20173.1Tops 5K0:26:280:08:311188
9/3/20173.1Chicken Wing 5K0:26:500:08:381087
10/7/20173.1Flight 3407 Memorial0:27:060:08:431068
10/8/20173.1Holy Cross Mass Run0:28:540:09:18171

4 mi section (4 .. 4.99 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
10/21/20174A Light In The Darkness0:33:580:08:30403

5 mi section (5 .. 6.19 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
10/29/20175Bob Ivory Run0:43:300:08:45534
11/23/20175YMCA Turkey Trot0:43:440:08:482412202