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Paul Beatty's Statistics 2013..2023

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YearPR Race namePR DistancePR TimePace per mile
2019Boo Bash & Dash20:17:200:08:40
2014Mr Ed's Super Bowl Warmup3.10:25:250:08:11
2018Bond Lake Run Race3.40:34:490:10:14
2014Shamrock Run50:42:040:08:24
2017BuffaloRunners 10K6.21:06:310:10:43
2017Boilermaker 15K (Buffalo Area Runners)9.31:40:030:10:45
2017Rally Round The Valley 3-person Relay182:47:300:09:18
2014Around The Bay 30K18.63:15:080:10:29

2 mi section (1.1 .. 3.09 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
11/1/20192Boo Bash & Dash0:17:200:08:40623

5 km section (3.1 .. 3.99 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
2/2/20143.1Mr Ed's Super Bowl Warmup0:25:250:08:119211
6/4/20173.1Girls On The Run0:56:010:18:02244014
3/31/20183.1Bunny Hop0:28:520:09:1740726
4/7/20183.1Feel The Spirit0:27:550:08:5911517
8/13/20183.4Bond Lake Run Race0:34:490:10:14667
11/10/20183.1Lindsay's Legacy0:27:270:08:501368
2/3/20193.1Mr. Ed's Superbowl Warmup0:30:120:09:4320719
11/17/20193.1GBTC Cross Country0:33:560:10:55333

5 mi section (5 .. 6.19 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
3/1/20145Shamrock Run0:42:040:08:2861547
11/27/20145YMCA Turkey Trot0:44:370:08:592130125
3/4/20175Shamrock Run0:47:120:09:30105782
3/2/20195Shamrock Run0:49:550:10:02139892

10 km section (6.2 .. 6.6 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
10/29/20176.2BuffaloRunners 10K1:06:310:10:42478

15 km section (6.61 .. 9.99 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
7/13/20149.3Boilermaker 15K (Buffalo Area Runners At)1:41:430:10:556504385
7/9/20179.3Boilermaker 15K (Buffalo Area Runners)1:40:030:10:448078452
7/8/20189.3Boilermaker 15K (Buffalo Area Runners at)1:46:450:11:277168396
7/14/20199.3Boilermaker 15K (Buffalo Area Runners)1:43:180:11:056394319

10 mi section (10 .. 13.09 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group

13.1 mi section (13.1 .. 26.19 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
3/30/201418.6Around The Bay 30K3:15:080:10:284104351
4/8/201718Rally Round The Valley 3-person Relay2:47:300:09:181818