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Emmalee Stawicki's Statistics 2013..2023

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YearPR Race namePR DistancePR TimePace per mile
2019Checkers Mueller Mile10:06:470:06:47
2019Run For The Corn Trail2.20:21:260:09:44
2019Alden's Race For Scholarships30:24:110:08:03
2019Wendelville Harvest Moon3.10:24:330:07:55
2019JP Morgan Corporate Challenge3.50:29:220:08:23
2019Buffalo Subaru 4 Mile Chase40:34:330:08:38
2019YMCA Turkey Trot50:43:180:08:39
2019Depew-Lancaster B&G Club 10K6.20:57:570:09:20
2019Mighty Niagara Half Marathon13.12:14:080:10:14

1 mi section (1 .. 1.09 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
8/8/20191Checkers Mueller Mile0:06:470:06:471113

2 mi section (1.1 .. 3.09 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
7/11/20193Alden's Race For Scholarships0:24:110:07:47703
8/2/20192.2Run For The Corn Trail0:21:260:09:45121

5 km section (3.1 .. 3.99 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
5/6/20183.1Running Water 5K0:27:120:08:45515
6/15/20183.1St. Greg's Great Race0:31:160:10:043238
8/25/20183.1Tops 5K0:32:570:10:362583
9/5/20183.1Harvest Moon0:31:510:10:151544
4/7/20193.1Shoes For The Shelter0:30:460:09:541747
4/13/20193.1Run Forest Run0:29:410:09:33757
4/20/20193.1Bunny Hop0:27:330:08:522371
5/11/20193.1I Have A Voice 5K0:27:020:08:4251
5/17/20193.1Brian Dugan Memorial Scholarship 5K0:27:010:08:42895
5/19/20193.1Run Jimmy Run 5K0:28:080:09:03611
6/2/20193.1Live.Laugh.Love Your Lungs 5K0:26:160:08:2751
6/7/20193.1Superhero Race 5K0:26:230:08:30884
6/13/20193.5JP Morgan Corporate Challenge0:29:220:08:231316281
6/15/20193.1James Metz Memorial Scholarship Run0:25:280:08:12562
6/21/20193.1St. Gregory The Great Great Race0:24:520:08:001722
7/12/20193.1ESB Engineering Society of Buffalo0:25:120:08:07371
7/18/20193.1St. John Vianney Kickoff Run0:25:380:08:15562
7/31/20193.1Ronald McDonald House 5K0:24:500:08:001632
8/30/20193.1Tom Donnelly's Hall Of Fame 5K0:24:430:07:571765
9/4/20193.1Wendelville Harvest Moon0:24:330:07:54502
9/13/20193.1NCCC Alumni Association 5K0:25:310:08:13131

4 mi section (4 .. 4.99 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
7/19/20194Buffalo Subaru 4 Mile Chase0:34:330:08:383268

5 mi section (5 .. 6.19 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
11/28/20195YMCA Turkey Trot0:43:180:08:43214056

10 km section (6.2 .. 6.6 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
7/4/20196.2Depew-Lancaster B&G Club 10K0:57:570:09:202843

13.1 mi section (13.1 .. 26.19 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
9/21/201913.1Mighty Niagara Half Marathon2:14:080:10:143678