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Diane Sardes's Statistics 2006..2023

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YearPR Race namePR DistancePR TimePace per mile
2009Dick Bessel Independence Day Run2.3Miles0:16:120:07:02
2015St. Mark's, Get Set, Go!3.10:26:010:08:23
2019Peter Glavin XC #43.70:36:510:09:57
2008The Elephant Run4Miles0:30:210:07:35
2008St Gregory's Great Race5K0:22:310:04:30
2019Peter Glavin XC #5 8K50:51:280:10:17
2008YMCA Turkey Trot8K0:41:170:05:09
2009Lockport 10 Mile Run10Miles1:24:360:08:27

2 mi section (1.1 .. 3.09 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
7/4/20092.3MilesDick Bessel Independence Day Run0:16:120:07:031201

5 km section (3.1 .. 3.99 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
8/23/20153.1Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish 5K0:26:340:08:33511
9/11/20153.1Brothers of Mercy Bavarian Fest 5K0:26:080:08:251461
9/20/20153.1Shea's 5K0:26:070:08:241022
10/10/20153.1St. Mark's, Get Set, Go!0:26:010:08:22331
10/24/20153.1Jack 'O Lantern0:26:570:08:40991
9/8/20193.1Peter Glavin XC #10:33:310:10:4725210
9/22/20193.1Peter Glavin XC #20:32:290:10:2722810
10/6/20193.7Peter Glavin XC #3 WOMEN0:38:180:10:166711
10/27/20193.7Peter Glavin XC #40:36:510:09:532428

4 mi section (4 .. 4.99 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
5/11/20084MilesThe Elephant Run0:30:210:07:35601
5/10/20094MilesElephant Run0:30:300:07:37671

5 mi section (5 .. 6.19 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
3/22/20085KBunny Hop0:23:160:07:291291
4/5/20085KRun Against Hunger0:23:030:07:25411
4/19/20085KNiagara County Bicentennial Heritage Run0:23:120:07:28291
5/17/20085KChris Griswold Memorial0:22:510:07:21701
6/14/20085KJamie LaBarbera Memorial0:23:070:07:26501
6/20/20085KSt Gregory's Great Race0:22:310:07:151631
7/30/20085KRonald McDonald House 5K0:23:180:07:301151
8/16/20085KMississippi Mudd's 5K River Run0:22:380:07:171271
4/5/20095KRun Against Hunger 5K0:23:360:07:36641
4/11/20095KBunny Hop0:23:220:07:311301
5/2/20095KLouis J. Billittier "Chef's" Memorial0:23:130:07:28581
5/16/20095KChris Griswold Memorial 5K Race0:23:070:07:26551
6/13/20095KJamie LaBarbera0:22:550:07:23741
6/19/20095KSt. Gregory's The Great Great Race0:22:450:07:192141
7/29/20095KRonald McDonald House 5K0:23:030:07:251751
8/7/20095KTake Back The Path0:22:480:07:20601
8/15/20095KMississippi Mudd's 5K River Run0:22:520:07:221031
9/5/20095KRun For Hope0:22:420:07:18411
11/3/20195Peter Glavin XC #5 8K0:51:280:10:212508

15 km section (6.61 .. 9.99 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
11/27/20088KYMCA Turkey Trot0:41:170:08:1814194

10 mi section (10 .. 13.09 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
2/14/200910MilesLockport 10 Mile Run1:24:360:08:281231