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2019-12-31New Year's Eve 5k
2019-12-21HOliday at Fort NIagara
2019-12-15Freezer 5k
2019-12-07Holly Jolly
2019-11-29Mighty Mile
2019-11-03The Dominator
2019-11-02The Mighty Fitz
2019-10-19Strider Glider Quarter Marathon
2019-10-131 Mile Up
2019-10-131 Mile Down
2019-10-12St Mark's Get Set, Go!
2019-10-06Wineglass Marathon
2019-10-05Chowder Challenge
2019-09-21Sponge Candy
2019-09-088 in the Rough
2019-09-04Harvest Moon
2019-08-27Jackhammer Trail Series - Race 5
2019-08-20Jackhammer Trail Series - Race 4
2019-08-14Moonlight Run
2019-08-13Jackhammer Trail Series - Race 3
2019-08-12Bond Lake RUT Race
2019-08-11Dam Good Trail Race
2019-08-10Erie County Fair 5k
2019-08-09Raby Family Memorial 5k Race
2019-08-08Mueller Mile
2019-08-06Jackhammer Trail Series - Race 2
2019-08-05Mud Run
2019-08-04Stephen's Cross Country Race
2019-08-04King of the Point
2019-08-03St Christopher's Summerfest
2019-08-02Run for the Corn
2019-08-01Daemen Summer Track Series - Meet 4
2019-07-30Jackhammer Trail Series - Race 1
2019-07-25Daemen Summer Track Series #3
2019-07-21EVL9 and EVL 4 Trail Races
2019-07-13Tuscarora 10k
2019-07-04Dick Bessel Independence Day Run
2019-06-25Dirt Devil Trail Series - Race 6 - The Finale
2019-06-18Dirt Devil Trail Series - Race 5
2019-06-11Dirt Devil Trail Series - Race 4
2019-06-04Dirt Devil Trail Series - Race 3
2019-05-28Dirt Devil Trail Series - Race 2
2019-05-21Dirt Devil Trail Series - Race 1
2019-05-08Tapestry Charter School Race For Wellness
2019-05-04Allegany Adventure Runs
2019-04-28BuffaloRunners 6hr Distance Classic
2019-04-24Flatliner #4
2019-04-17Flatliner #3
2019-04-14Purple Ribbon Warrior
2019-04-12Friends of Night People Putting Hunger on the Run
2019-04-11Committed Awards Party - Photos by Diane Sardes
2019-04-10Flatliner #2
2019-04-06Feel the Spirit
2019-04-03Flatliner #1
2019-02-19Sprague Brook Snowshoe Scramble
2019-02-09Lockport 10