Committed Athletic Family

Events for

Patch key:
[xc] - Cross Country half-patch (mutually exclusive with [trail])
[trail] - Trail half-patch (mutually exclusive with [xc])
[4season] - Four-Season patch - One "Monthly Committed" race per season
[frozen4] - Freezer 5k from prior year, plus three specified winter races.
[bttc] - Blue To The Core - Run each "Committed Director" race in a given year
[hru] - Heart Rate Up - run all Heart Rate Up races in a given year
[strider] - Strider Patch - run all tagged Strider races in a given year
[bufrun] - Buffalo Runners Patch - run the buffalo runners 10k and buffalo runners 6-hr challenge
[halfchal] - Half Challenge Patch - run twelve races of 13.1 to 26.1 miles in one year (stretch goal, one in each month)

General race classification information
* If a race director is a Committed member, it's a Committed race.
* If a person is hitting 100 (or some other significant milestone) at a particular race, an event automatically becomes a Committed race, even if there's a last-minute change.
* During the busy season, we try to feature a weekly and monthly trail and road race based on people's votes and availability of races in a given time period. We try to work around races known to feature another group, but sometimes there can be clashes. Feel free to tell us your favorites, as we garner votes as we progress through the year.