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Gordon Bolles's Statistics 2013..2019

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YearPR Race namePR DistancePR TimePace per mile
2014Mueller Mile10:05:090:05:09
2014Maritime March3.10:17:060:05:30
2014Grinder Trail3.50:25:370:07:19
2014Peter Glavin Upstate XC Series #3 - MEN3.70:22:330:06:05
2014YMCA Turkey Trot50:28:410:05:44
2015Depew-Lancaster Boys & Girls Club 10K6.20:36:290:05:53
2014Strider Glider Quarter Marathon6.60:39:080:05:55
2013Fleet Feet 15K Run Into Buffalo9.31:00:290:06:30
2014Presque Isle Half Marathon13.11:23:360:06:22
2014Boston Marathon (Buffalo Area Runners at)26.22:58:050:06:47

1 mi section (1 .. 1.09 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
8/14/20141Mueller Mile0:05:090:05:09262

5 km section (3.1 .. 3.99 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
4/7/20133.1Putting Hunger On The Run0:19:040:06:0832
5/4/20133.1Running Water 5K0:18:330:05:5841
7/25/20133.1St. John Vianney's Kickoff Run0:18:540:06:05263
8/25/20133.1Tomato Trot0:18:220:05:5521
10/5/20133.1Timon Fall Challenge0:18:020:05:4862
11/16/20133.1Maritime March0:17:490:05:4461
12/21/20133.1Caroler 5K0:18:120:05:5131
4/5/20143.1Feel The Spirit0:18:240:05:5531
6/1/20143.5Grinder Trail0:25:370:07:1951
6/8/20143.1Girls On The Run0:18:100:05:5171
8/23/20143.1Tops 5K0:17:470:05:4362
9/13/20143.1Scrub Run0:17:210:05:3511
10/4/20143.1Timon Fall Challenge0:17:170:05:3411
10/12/20143.7Peter Glavin Upstate XC Series #3 - MEN0:22:330:06:032419
11/15/20143.1Maritime March0:17:060:05:3062
12/6/20143.1Holly Jolly0:35:320:11:2628116
1/25/20153.1Penguin Run0:17:480:05:4451
5/30/20153.1Pheo Para 5K0:36:190:11:4115711
6/19/20153.1St Greg's Great Race0:17:210:05:35141
7/23/20153.1St. John Vianney Kickoff Run0:18:230:05:55111

5 mi section (5 .. 6.19 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
3/2/20135Shamrock Run0:31:150:06:17676
11/27/20145YMCA Turkey Trot0:28:410:05:46462
3/7/20155Shamrock Run0:29:020:05:50162

10 km section (6.2 .. 6.6 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
10/25/20146.6Strider Glider Quarter Marathon0:39:080:05:5832
7/4/20156.2Depew-Lancaster Boys & Girls Club 10K0:36:290:05:52101

15 km section (6.61 .. 9.99 miles)

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
9/2/20139.3Fleet Feet 15K Run Into Buffalo1:00:290:06:29191

13.1 mi section (13.1 .. 26.19 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
7/20/201413.1Presque Isle Half Marathon1:23:360:06:23204

26.2 mi section (26.2 .. 30.99 miles) - patchworthy

DateDistanceRace nameTimePacePlaceIn Group
4/21/201426.2Boston Marathon (Buffalo Area Runners at)2:58:050:06:4819591367